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Covid Club Night Structure

This is the way the club will now operate starting from this coming Thursday 29th July until & including 26th August.


1) Thursday club evenings will be 7 to 10 pm.  


2) No pre-booking online is required


3) No restrictions of numbers attending (currently numbers have been around the mid-teens)


4) A pre online health check form must be completed prior to coming to the club. This will be made available on the Thursday (maybe sometimes on Wednesday, dependant on when it can be set up)

A reminder email will be sent out each week.

Please do not come to the club if you feel unwell or have any symptoms as specified by NHS or as detailed on the form.


5) Club fees to be paid online prior to attending.

Adults £10.00 & juniors £8.00. This covers you for 4 weeks that you attend. Any problems or more info required please contact Mike Ellis by email at


6) On arrival a committee member will check that you have completed an online health check and that you have paid. We will have manual health check forms to complete if you have forgotten. Those who have not paid will be given a choice, pay visitors fee £5.00 per evening or join and pay fee as in point 5 above online, by latest the following Wednesday.


7) operating within the club/One Leisure

    a) Face coverings to be worn while not fencing

    b) Mask shields to be used while fencing (available from the club at £2.50 each)

    c) Bring and use your own hand sanitizers and water.  Club will still provide sanitizers per piste

    d) No hand shaking, BF guidelines also say no elbow bumps. Just use fencing salute

    e) Keep sensible social distance at all times

    f)  Set of boxes, no more than 5 will be set up per evening to keep reasonable space between piste`s

    g) Club equipment, plastrons, jackets, gloves and masks will be issued to club members who require these items. They will be on loan until the end of Sept-Dec term. Members to look after and keep in good condition. See committee member if this service is required.

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