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Success at LPJS Foil 2022

Monty, Livi, Rochelle and Kyle all entered the Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS) foil competition last weekend.


Livi fought really well. Went out in the DE to someone she beat in the poule which annoyed her. It was a tough comp. Well done Livi, always good practice.


Monty did well in the boys under 15 with some of his competitors ranked in the national cadets so it was a high standard and therefore was very pleased to get a medal coming third and picking up a bronze. Great stuff Monty, next a silver or even a gold!!


Rochelle was in the girl's U13 and fought her way to the semi-final but unfortunately lost and took home a bronze medal but that’s still a good result, well done Rochelle. Gold next time!!

Kyle in the boys U11 has improved a lot and got into Tableau of 16, finished 15 out of 30 fencers. Well done Kyle.


Local Fencers Attend European Veterans Fencing Team Championships Hamburg 2022

Veterans fencing is very active in the UK and across the world. 

British Veterans Fencing (BVF) promotes and supports fencing for people over 40 years old.


Veterans fencing is split into age categories: Cat 1 (40-49 years old); Cat 2 (50-59 years old); Cat 3 (60-69 years old) and Cat 4 (70+).


Throughout the year BVF holds competitions, either divided into individual age groups or open to all fencers over 40. Certain competitions are used to select fencers to represent Great Britain but there are also smaller open competitions and team events. One thing common to all veteran events is a spirit of camaraderie and inclusivity

From Wednesday 25th May to Sunday 29th May 2022 the European Veterans Fencing Team Championships took place in the magnificent q.beyond Arena, in Hamburg, Germany. Eastern Region fencers Fiona Turnbull (ladies foil and epee), Chris Howser (epee), Andy Luckman (epee) and Richard Sage (non-fencing foil captain) were selected to take part.

From Richard Sage.

As you know I was non-fencing captain in the men’s foil. We beat Germany, Poland, France, Hungary then lost to Italy in the last fight in the finals so came 2nd with silver. But I wasn’t the only HFC club member there. Andy Luckman was in the men’s epee team who came fourth out of a field of 13 countries. A great team result.

If you are over 40 and are interested in knowing more about fencing in the veteran's competitions click here


England Youth Championships 2022

The past weekend saw hundreds of young fencers descend on Hatfield for the 2022 England Youth Championships.


There was a number of young fencers who fence at HFC compete and below are the results, I hope I have not missed anyone.


Under 13 girls foil – Rochelle, Silver medal 2nd place, Excellent result Rochelle.


Under 15 boys foil – Monty,  12th place, Very well done, good result Monty


Under 15 boys foil – Arran, 22nd place, well done Arran


Under 13 boys foil – Alex, 25th place, well done Alex   


Under 15 girls foil – Livie, 26th place, well done Livie


Under 15 girls foil – Jasmine, 27th place, well done Jasmine


Under 11 boys foil – Kyle Leung, 27th place, well done Kyle


These large competitions are never easy for young fencers, nerves can play a big part with so many fencers and people at the event, so I congratulate all our young fencers for entering and doing their very best.




British Youth Championships 2022

This past weekend saw the British Youth Championships (BYC) taking place in Sheffield.


This is the biggest youth competition of the year with well over 1000 young people taking part over 3 days in different age groups, weapons and gender.

For young people to qualify for this event they had to take part in their region's qualifying event and do very well.

The Eastern region was represented in all categories.


We had several members of HFC making the cut and qualifying for the BYC and competing against those who qualified from all the other regions of the UK.


Oscar qualified for the boy's U16 foil.

Oscar Won 4 out of 6 in his Pool and was ranked 30 out of 82. He then had a bye for the first DE.
He lost the third DE bout fencing against the No 3 ranked fencer. 

Final position 27th out of 82.

Very well done Oscar


Monty qualified for the boy's U14 foil. 

Monty fenced well in his pool and was ranked 49th out of 73 fencers.

He won his first DE bout winning 15-11 to progress to the last 32 but lost 11-15. 

Final position 32nd

Very well done Monty


Livie (Olivia) who has only just joined HFC qualified for the girl's U16 foil and came 54th.

Great effort Livie


 For all 3 young fencers just to qualify for this national competition is a great result. It is also a daunting experience to attend such a major competition with so many fencers attending.


Well done to all!

Great Yarmouth Epee and Sabre 2022.jpg

Great Yarmouth Epee and Sabre Invitation 2022

Mike (Rob) Robinson entered the men`s epee and came 8th, well done Mike.


Victor (Vlad) one of the ARU fencers that came to the club a few times entered both the men`s epee and sabre


In the men`s epee Vlad came 11th but in the men`s sabre he came 1st, Very well done Vlad.

It was very special for Vlad as his parents were visiting the UK from Romania for a few days and attended the event to see their son take GOLD.

Pictures from event available HERE

Veterans 4 nations international 2022.png

Richard Sage helps England to win at Veterans Home Nations International

Richard Sage was part of the men's foil team for England, winning all but one of his fights. This helped England win the men's foil as well as helped England win overall. 

Congratulations Richard.


The results can be seen in the image.


Exeter Open 2022

Nico Ignacio travelled to Exeter for the Exeter Open this past weekend (Sunday 3rd April).

Nico had entered the men`s sabre.


Nico did very well in his pool, won 5 and lost only 1. That result gave him a bye into the L16.

He was knocked out in the Last 8, losing 15-8. Giving him a final competition position of 6th, see attached.


Good result Nico against some very good men`s sabreurs. 


Leon Paul Junior Series 2022

The Leon Paul Junior Series took place on the 26th of March at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre. HFC member Rochelle had a very successful day fishing first in the under 13 girl’s foil. Very well done Rochelle, great result.

Riccardo and Monty also attended the competition entering the boys U15 event. They were 17th and 19th out of 29 after the 2 poules. Riccardo made it to the last 16, but Monty got eliminated.

Eastern Region Championships Medals 2022.jpg

Eastern Region Individual Championships 2022

The Eastern Region Individual Championships took place on Sunday 27th March 2022 in Stevenage. The club had a number of members entered in four events and the results including 3 medallists are below. Well done to everyone that took part and congratulations to the medallists on their successes.


Women`s foil – Hannah Smyth – SILVER, 2nd place


Men`s sabre – Nico Ignacio, BRONZE, 3rd place


Women`s sabre – Liz Bujor, BRONZE, 3rd place


Jacques Portal and Arran MacLennan took part in the men`s foil.

County Sabre 2022.jpg

Cambridgeshire County Sabre 2022

The Cambridgeshire County Sabre took place at HFC on 17th March. The club had four members competing and took three medals as below. Congratulations to the medal winners and all that took part.

Women`s Sabre –

Liz Bujor, GOLD, 1st place


Men`s sabre –

Nico Ignacio, SILVER, 2nd place

Euan Smith, BRONZE, 3rd place

Dan Tozer,  5th place


Cambridgeshire Junior Foil 2022

On the 27th Feb, the Cambridgeshire Fencing Association held a Junior Foil competition at the Stephen Perse School Cambridge.


There were 3 competitions, U11, U14 and U16. Each event was mixed male and female.


There was very good support for the competitions with over 60 entries across the 3 competitions.

Must have one of the biggest turnouts for the county for some time which speaks highly of the interest in fencing with young people in Cambridgeshire.


Huntingdonshire Fencing Club had an interest in a number of young people entering who fence at our club.


In the under 11 competition, Laura came 12th. This was Laura`s first competition, well done Laura.


In the U14 competition, Rochelle Leung came 1st. Rochelle has only just joined HFC. Great performance Rochelle and look forward in seeing you fence more at HFC.

In the same event Monty came 3rd, Monty is also a new member to HFC of about 3 weeks or so. Well done Monty.


In the U 16 competition Riccardo came first, great result Riccardo. Again, Riccardo has recently joined HFC approx. 3 weeks ago.

Aaron came a very creditable 3rd as Aaron has only just returned to fencing after a 3 year layoff due to a change in school. Well done Aaron good result.

Also in the U16 was Grigori who came 9th. This was Grigori`s first competition, well done Grigori.